Ipswich Academy Opens


One of Ben’s first campaigns was to secure new school buildings for Ipswich Academy- formerly Holywells High School.   The school had suffered in old buildings for too long, and the replacements- often promised- had not been delivered. In 2010, Ben secured the money for a new school, to be…

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Rail transformation for Ipswich

Ipswich-20131107-00738 (1)

Ben Gummer has been fighting on behalf of Ipswich commuters to get better, faster, more reliable and more frequent rail services to and from the town. Now he’s delivered. The Chancellor has announced plans to transform railways in the region and bring better, faster, more reliable and more frequent rail…

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New Council Homes

Bader Close

Ipswich has not built any new council homes for decades, but in one of the first laws Ben voted for as your MP, he secured the money and permission for the Borough Council to start building again.   Since then, the government has given Ipswich Borough Council millions of pounds…

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When the government came forward with proposals to build a new toll road on the A14, Ben did what he promised at his election and put Ipswich first.   He made strong representations to the government on behalf of Ipswich drivers and hauliers, making the case direct to the prime…

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Opportunities for young people


Youth unemployment in the town has been a problem for some time.   Although it is now 40 per cent lower than when Ben became the town’s MP, there is much more to do. Without training or a job, young people are far more likely to find it hard to…

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Flood defences begun

Flood risk was hampering new buildings in the town centre and posed a risk to all residents.   Ben fought for a scheme to protect Ipswich completely and last July turned the ground on the last key part- a £30 million barrier at the New Cut.  

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New stroke care unit

Stroke care unit 2 (2)

Ben led a campaign for a new specialist stroke care unit at Ipswich Hospital.   After launching a petition, along with local residents and the Ipswich Star newspaper, Ben secured funding for the new unit. Whilst Ipswich people can now expect better stroke care, it is still not the best…

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Ipswich chord river ramp

One of Ben’s major successes of 2010-11 was to secure £35m funding for the Ipswich Chord, which will allow trains to go straight from Felixstowe to the Midlands without having to travel via London as they do at present. The chord will require the construction of a new footbridge next…

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