Teach First

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Ben fought to bring Teach First to Ipswich, an exciting programme that aims to address education disadvantage within our communities. Ben is looking forward to them starting to operate in September and help improve local schools for our children.

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Childcare costs

Ben believes that affordable childcare is important to help with parents’ work flexibility and toddlers’ development. Ben has voted for key reforms to help families including extending free childcare to include under two year olds from the lowest income families, and in 2015, childcare will be exempt from tax up…

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Care UK


Here’s a little story about a new care home that’s opened in Chantry. A couple of years ago, the County Council decided to separate out its care homes and let them to an outside provider. Why? Because many were old and in need of renewal, and the County did not…

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Suffolk Loving Ipswich

Ben orwell bridge

I grew up in the Suffolk countryside, first in Fressingfield, near Diss, and then after I was eight years old, just outside Debenham, in the little village of Winston. I remember, when I was very little, going to Norwich with my family for Christmas shopping but my real memories as…

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Suffolk New Academy: Progress


Today is a big day for me and for Chantry.  I will be putting a spade in the ground, cutting a sod of turf, and then smiling very, very broadly.  It’s a small act but one that marks the beginning of the end of a long journey for Suffolk New…

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Network Rail & Abellio Apology


An apology to our customers We’re extremely sorry for the disruption that has affected services on a number of days this week (especially on the Great Eastern Main Line).  We recognise that the delays suffered by many passengers have been both inconvenient and very frustrating.  We also understand that in…

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The Best Day of My Life


One by one they fell, the truisms about weddings that you thought were old tosh but turned out to be true. And on Thursday night last week I felt, quite literally, the curse of groom’s nerves. We had the rehearsal in the church, which went ok, and I’d gone out…

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Buggy Pushing


I cannot pretend that trying to work out what to write about this week is not a little tricky, as I am somewhat distracted by the Big Day, of which more in a moment. But it seems that fate has lent me a hand, as last Friday I had a…

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